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Construction Chemical Division

  • Used in place of traditional plastering.
  • Consistent quality made using mix of well graded sand and additives.
  • Needs less curing and binds better to substrate.
  • Reduced water absorption hence enhanced durability
  • Uniform and smooth finish to walls.
  • Quality plastering since it does not contain any impurity
  • Convenient to apply.
  • Faster completion of work
  • Negligible wastage due to least rebound.



VITCO READIPLAST is a ready mix cement plaster/ render with high quality polymer additives, well graded sand and fillers for manual plastering applications.
Areas of Application

VITCO READIPLAST can be used for plastering on inner and outer walls. It can also be used effectively on brick, block, stone walls as well as concrete surfaces. Ideal for well-prepared walls with maximum thickness of plastering fall in the range of 15 – 18mm.


1. Surface Preparation
  • Prepare the surfaces before the VITCO READIPLAST application by removing oil, bond inhibiting agents, dirt, dust and laitance.
  • The cleaning can be carried out with suitable methods like by using wire brush, water jetting, mopping etc.
  • VITCO READIPLAST-B is recommended to level the surface in case of higher undulations > 18mm or for any repair works to attain the flat, stable and normal absorption back ground prior to VITCO READIPLAST application.
2. Mixing
  • Mix VITCO READIPLAST with 17-19 % by weight of water using mechanical stirring for 2-3 minutes to ensure a consistency free of lumps. Use spatula, aluminium floats or any suitable mechanical levelling device to prepare the final finish.
3. Application
  • Apply VITCO READIPLAST using mortar trowels, spatula and can be applied by normal masons as like conventional plasters
  • For thickness above 18 mm adopt multiple layer applications upto the required thickness.
  • For machine applications VITCO READIPLAST-S is recommended.
Technical Data:
Bulk Density
Water powder ratio
Pot life
Compressive Strength @ 28 days
Thickness of Layer
Water Curing
Final finish

17-19 % by weight
1 hour @ 27⁰C
5 – 6 MPa
0.16–0.23 Kg/ sq/mm
6-15 mm per coat
2-3 mes for 2-3 days
Smooth and excellent
The technical data provided in this technical data sheet is as per our internal lab testing and may vary as per the actual method of application at sites.

25 kg & 40 kg HDPE laminated bags

Shelf Life:

VITCO READIPLAST has a shelf life of 6 months. Store at cool and dry place.

Safety Directions:

VITCO READIPLAST is non-toxic. Use of gloves and goggles recommended. Any splashes to the skin or eyes should be washed off with clean water. In case of prolonged irritation, medical advice should be sought. VITCO READIPLAST is non-flammable.