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Construction Chemical Division

  • Increased durability.
  • God impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Forms monolithic bond with base concrete.
  • Easy to use, factory controlled.
  • Dust free, non-slip surface.
  • Resistant to oil/Grease Spillages
  • Economical and very good finish.



VITCO Floor HD is ready to use non-metallic dry shake floor hardener, which provides a highly abrasion and impact resistance dust-free surface to concrete floors, which withstand spoilages of Oil, Grease and certain industrial chemicals. VITCO Floor HD is easy to trowel in to the surface of fresh, wet concrete which cures monolithically to provide a dense, non-porous, toughen and hard wearing surface suitable for industrial use.
VITCO Floor HD is a factory blended ready to use cementitious non-metallic floor hardener for all industrial areas subject to heaviest traffic. VITCO Floor HD is based on well-graded metallic hard wearing aggregates, chemicals and selected Portland cements. VITCO Floor HD is designed to increase the durability and impact resistance of industrial and commercial concrete floors.
Areas of Usage:

VITCO Floor HD is suitable for areas subject to constant impact such as quays, foundries, walkways, machine tool shops, car parks, garages, service stations, machine showrooms, shopping centres, warehouses, laboratories, abattoirs, bakeries, subways, power stations, Engineering workshops etc.

Applicable Guidelines:

ACI 304, 305. VITCO Floor HD has been tested as per IS 1237-1980 and found test result shows that VITCO Floor HD improves the abrasion resistance of concrete by 255%

Physical Properties:
Water Absorpon

Grey Powder
7 Moh's
6.0 to 6.5%

A. High compressive strength: VITCO Floor HD has a compressive strength of 75 N/MM2 at 28 days

B. Light Reflectance: VITCO Floor HD can reduce the lighting requirement in industrial application and hence save energy costs in long term.


Method of use
Base Concrete:

The base concrete should have minimum cement content of 300 kg/m 3 with water cement ration being kept to a minimum to produce zero slump. Particular care should be taken at bay edges.

Dry Shake Method:

VITCO Floor HD should be applied when the base concrete is sufficiently firm to take weight of both workman and power float and leaving foot Prints about 3 mm in depth no free water should be evident. Do not delay application when this point is reached.

Broad Casting:

Broad Casting VITCO Floor HD in two equal stages: first apply at the rate of 3.5 kg/m2 by sprinkling evenly on to the concrete surface carryout the first power trowel and then repeat the operation but broadcast the stage at right angles to the first.

Finally when the sheen begins to leave the surface, carry out power troweling to close the pores and completely level the surface. Do not over trowel.


Curing should be carried out immediately after the final troweling operation has been completed.


Available in 25 kg, Bags been completed.


2 2 2 Heavy duty: 7 kg/m2 ; Medium Duty: 5 kg/ m2 ; Light Duty: 3 kg/m2

Shelf Life:

VITCO Floor HD has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in original, unopened packing. Protect from frost and moisture.